The Slow Food Presidium

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Anchovy colatura is one of many examples of products that can identify a country and represent its deepest identity. It is in the genetic code of the people of Cetara that over the centuries has continued to produce it in silence to make it the seasoning of the traditional Christmas dishes. But many steps must be taken to avert the risk, always looming, of trivialization and approval. Without the necessary safeguards, this product can still be imitated and repurposed without respecting the quality standards that make it unique: an ancient condiment obtained from the salting of the anchovies, with a process handed down from father to son.
Over the last few decades, different production methods have spread, giving rise to products that are not always in line with the exceptional organoleptic qualities of “real” anchovy colatura.

Anchovy colatura currently available on the market – while remaining a peculiar product – is obtained with different processes than the one described. The raw material is not always made up of anchovies from the Gulf of Salerno; the salting of anchovies is not performed in the wooden containers called “terzigno” but in containers of different materials.
The Slow Food Presidium of the traditional anchovy colatura from Cetara was created to protect a great product and a piece of history, with all those (fishermen, artisan producers, restaurateurs) who will compete to preserve it from mere commercial speculations.